lunedì 7 dicembre 2009

Fondamentalmente, agli americani

Per curiosità, ho letto l'articolo del NYT che riporta la cronaca della condanna di Amanda Knox e Raffaele Sollecito.
Dopo, ho letto i commenti postati dai lettori. Esperienza suggestiva, dalla quale traggo una sola conclusione: molti americani dimenticano che i condannati sono due, uno dei quali non è loro connazionale.
Volendo categorizzare, comunque:

Ci sono i pirla:
  • My wife and I have long wanted to take a nice long vacation in lovely Italy. But this travesty of justice and common sense has just changed my mind.
  • Idiotic trial and a poor court system. Makes me really want to never visit Italy again.
Ci sono i che schifo la giustizia italiana:
  • The Amanda Knox saga is just tragic and sad all around. All the families involved, the farce of the "justice" system in Italy, the death of a young girl. Horrible.
  • Kanagroo court. This girl shouldn't be in prison: too many questions were left unanswered. I feel that if she was tried in the US under the same circumstances, the verdict would have been a clear not guilty.
  • It seems impossible to make a reasonable opinion about this case with the selective facts that have been revealed. However, it grants a perverted window into the Italian criminal justice system. Surprise! It's ridiculous, perhaps an even bigger circus than our own.
Ci sono i pirla che schifano la giustizia italiana:
  • So sad. I was thinking of going to Italy for my honeymoon, but now I'm not sure if it is a safe place. Do Italians really believe that this girl killed her roommate - even without any evidence? It is just a sad situation all around.
Ci sono i allora mandate più truppe in Afghanistan:
  • Get Hillary over there ASAP the only reason they convicted her is because they already convicted the black guy on the same charges. If they let her go they would have to let him go. We all know that ain't happening! President Obama should make them donate more troops and send them into battle first!
Ci sono i l'Italia è una repubblica talebana fondata sullo sciovinismo:
  • Male Chauvinism. Italy is a primtive country in this respect and it shows in their court system. This verdict is no suprise. The US needs a lot of improvement, but Italians take heed -you are closer to the Taliban than to the United States.
Ci sono i le è andata di lusso:
  • She is guilty and should have received a longer sentence.
Ci sono i l'Europa ci odia:
  • This case was just an example of the ridiculous anti-Americanism that's rampant in Europe. Sadly, this kid has to suffer for it.
Ci sono i sì va bene free Mandela, free Valpreda e tutti gli altri, ma free anche Amand Knox:
  • Is there something to be said about several of the jury members who wore an Italian flag sash? We are living in an increasingly hostile nationalistic world. FREE AMANDA KNOX!
Ci sono i mi ha detto mia sorella:
  • According to my sister, Nobody can hurt you more in this life than the people that you love very much!! I feel deeply sorry for those parents.
Ci sono i echissene:
  • there are so many murders all the time. why pick this one to focus on? how does it affect our lives? i don't get it.
Ci sono i forse è colpa dell'ambiente di Perugia:
  • She must have been studying at the language school in Perugia. I wonder what made her into a killer? What situation brought that out in her?
Infine, per tornare al solito tema su cui rompo le palle, ci sono i non so nemmeno io cosa cazzo sto dicendo:
  • Hands down I would prefer Italian prisons to the often barbaric conditions found in the US.

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Nich ha detto...

Curioso l'ultimo commento. Fa pensare che le carceri americane siano ancora peggiori di quelle italiane.

Anonimo ha detto...

difficile capirci qualcosa noi qua, immagino loro da la...certo che la nostra "fama" ci precede anche sulla giustizia...