mercoledì 19 settembre 2012

And when I say "strict adherence," I'm not kidding around

Forse è un segno di vecchiaia, ma sul tema del fanatismo islamico e dei vari livelli con cui questo entra in frizione con le società euro-occidentali pesco sempre dallo stesso repertorio. L'altro giorno, Christopher Hitchens, stavolta Aaron Sorkin un mese dopo l'Undici settembre:
GIRL 1: Why are Islamic Extremists trying to kill us?
JOSH: That's a reasonable question if ever I heard one. Why are we targets of war?
BOY 2: Because we're Americans.
JOSH: That's it?
GIRL 3: Because of our freedom?
JOSH: No other reasons?
BOY 3: Freedom and democracy.
JOSH: I'll tell you, right or wrong-and I think they're wrong-it's probably a good idea to acknowledge that they do have specific complaints. I-I hear them every day-the people we support, troops in Saudi Arabia, sanctions against Iraq, support for Egypt. It's not just that they don't like Irving Berlin.
DONNA: Yes, it is.
JOSH: No, it's not.
DONNA: No, not about Irving Berlin, but your ridiculous search for rational reasons why somebody straps a bomb to their chest is ridiculous.
JOSH: You just called me ridiculous twice in one sentence.
DONNA: Hardly a record for me.
JOSH: And you just made my list.
DONNA: [to the kids] Nothing happens on the list.
JOSH: It's a serious list. But she does have a point, albeit college girlish.
DONNA: Watch now, as he's going to put me down and make my point at the exact same time.
JOSH: Hardly a record for me. What's Islamic extremism? It's strict adherence to a particular interpretation of 7th century Islamic law as practiced by the prophet Mohammed, and when I say "strict adherence," I'm not kidding around. Men are forced to pray, weartheir beards a certain length. Among my favorites is there's only one acceptable cheer at a soccer match: Allah-uh-Akbar; God is great. If your guys are getting creamed, then you're on your own. Things are a lot less comic for women, who aren't allowed to attend school or have jobs. They're not allowed to be unaccompanied, and often times get publicly stoned to death for crimes like not wearing a veil. I don't have to tell you they don't need to shout at a soccer match because they're never going to go to one. So what bothers them about us? Well, the variety of cheers alone coming from the cheapseats at Giants stadium when they're playing the Cowboys is enough for a jihad, to say nothing of street corners lined church next to synagogue, next to mosque, newspapers that can print anything they want, women who can do anything they want including taking a rocket ship to outer space, vote, and play soccer. This is a plural society. That means we accept more than one idea. It offends them. So yes, she does have a point,but that certainly doesn't mean you should listen to her.

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