mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Il mondo è brutto perché è vario

Ho trovato su Twitter il link a quest'articolo. La storia è terrificante:
Nurbanu had divorced her unfaithful and violent spouse after catching him with another woman. Eight days later, she was cooking at home in Bangladesh when he pulled up on a motorbike and doused her with acid, leaving her blind and disfigured. The 36-year-old now has to endure living with her former spouse again after his mother forced her to sign an affidavit to have him released from prison following the attack.
Oltre a essere terrificante, è stata per me rivelatrice di quanto sia diffusa in Bangladesh la pratica di gettare acido in faccia alle donne -mogli o fidanzate, spesso- come gesto autoritario di punizione. 

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